Bitcoin Your dream and Mine

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bitcoin your dreams and mine I had my dreams with bitcoin. I had great ideas on how I would learn this system and help you over the hurdles of the scams and shams of the bitcoin world.

God in heaven help us both.

I’m watching all the claims for different  names of coins we should put our faith in.  Then the wallets of choice come into play.  There are programs you join that run  behind your promotions. Oh they tell you what they are doing and you can remove your promos from what some might consider an infringement.

Bitcoin Honesty vs. Sham Enticements

When you start where do you find the honest players and companies?  Chris has
had to remove several who welcomed him until he hit a certain earnings level then
they deleted his account or themselves.

Now it is mining that is all the rage. And all you have to do is ante up $100 investing it in
Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, or Coinbase getting you free dollars back as a return on
your investment.

How Many different Names Are There?

Where to start and where does it take you? Bitcoin, Ethereum; Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin or
the latest phase – Burstcoin, or digibyte: and Nav and on and on it goes.

To a great degree, all this coin is beyond me and that is where I prefer to be at this time. I will
leave the mining and moaning to my better half. For me, at least I can present you with
an overview of important coin news.

In keeping, let’s get you started in 2018 with a touch of honesty on the bitcoin trail.

Business Insider writer Becky Peterson gives us the first insights into Bitcoin dated
dec. 29, 2017, 4.57 PM.

“The cost of Bitcoin payments is skyrocketing because …”

-Bitcoin transaction fees have gone from around $2 a transaction in October to $37
in late December.

– Bitcoin has – become too expensive to use in small transactions.

– Bitpay is becoming an online payment method liability?

– Don’t blame BitPay instead, blame the bitcoin miners

– Mining has become an expensive proposition. – (what makes you think your mining actions are giving you full thrift for your efforts?)

– Mining fees are skyrocketing.

Well then, now we are back to: “Tthe cost of Bitcoin payments is skyrocketing because the network is totally overloaded.” Confused?  Me too!

Read the full story here:

It is not hard to see how this history is growing faster then the originators had planned. It is fast
outgrowing approved control from world governments, and now the demand is that it be
considered a recognized currency.

Unless I was planning to become a full time miner, I cannot see how I could be a help to you
or myself for that matter; and no, I have no intentions of devoting my time to mining.  I
choose to leave that complete industry to more experienced heads.

I leave you with one thought on this topic. Listen a lot, read everything you can then
choose your direction wisely.

Till next time. stay active, stay aware!


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