OMG is that 2019 slipping away?

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omg is that 2019 slipping away

It’s over, it’s done! That IS 2019 you see slipping away.!

You cannot have it back! 2019 will quickly fade into memory.

For some of us, it cannot happen fast enough. 2020 will represent the opportunity to have a better life and business. For others, there is the pain of defeat and the feeling of life both on the net and off can’t get worse.

Before the choices are taken away from you if you have not already
done so then may I suggest you get your buns in gear and take your
life in your own hands planning the details on how you will make
security stronger.

*SECURITY FRST* How do you define *security*?

On the net, network security is an action an organization takes to
prevent malicious use or accidental damage to the network’s private
data, its users, or their devices.

That can and should work both ways, you as an individual and as
a business entity have distinct parts to play in promoting correct security.

In its simplest form, the network needs security against attackers and
hackers. Network security includes two basic securities thus the first
being their accountability to the security of our and their data information.
The other is
our complimentary antivirus and relative cleaners protection
of our p
ersonal computers and data.

Bottom line, both business and personal, security means safety
measures implemented to be safe or protected for known and yet
unknown threats.

*Security Awareness* is the knowledge gained, and the learned
attitude members possess regarding the protection of the physical,
and especially informational, assets of that organization. Computer
security concerns that we can help prevent and control, including
malware, phishing, ransomware, social engineering and more.

Dealing with security is like going back to the basics of learning how
to operate your computer.

HTTPS: Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol

In many ways, Https is identical to Http because it follows the same
basic protocols. The Http or Https client, such as a Web browser,
establishes a connection to a server on a standard port. However,
Https offers an extra layer of security because it uses SSL to move

You may not know this little fact: certain browser features require
TTPS to work. Features like getting a user’s location, accessing
their microphone, or storing data locally on their device, all require
that your website supports HTTPS.

*The Importance of Secure Contexts*

Imagine a user connects to your site and someone else on the
network can piggyback on your access to their webcam or
microphone and eavesdrop. Or worse, that network attacker
entirely fabricates a request to access their webcam with an HTTP

Since Google’s initial concept, its proposal has evolved into
“Secure Contexts,” a W3C draft that hopes to become the internet
the standard for defining secure access to these advanced browsers


In spite of  Secure Contexts being drafted, new features and standards
have already been designed to require HTTPS from their inception—the
biggest being HTTP/2. All major browsers require websites
with HTTP/2, meaning you have absolutely no access to
the newer version
of the internet’s core protocol if you’re still
serving unencrypted HTTP.

Even if you don’t use these features on your website, this should serve as
an eye-opener for just how serious major browsers like
Chrome and Firefox
are about HTTPS.

Part II the user in us

*Security costs*

Now that the hard news has been posted, comes the part that hurts
like heck!

Can anything be worse than learning your identity is stolen or your data
lost to theft?

*The Security Conundrum*

Apparently paying for this protection becomes the bugbear for some
owners. Along with being too complicated to install and set up,
comes the expense. And it does go up every year.

2020 better see you looking hard at the financial cost of installing
the kind of security that will guarantee you and anyone who uses
your site, a safe experience.

If a possible budget of $200 to $500 a year is too much for you to
consider spending to keep yourself safe and protect against the
threats common to net users, then please, close your doors NOW!

That goes for current and future business owners with dreams yet to
e realized and users current and those you will bring into your
corner of the market.

And closure goes double for those uneducated who firmly believe it
s the sole responsibility of business owners to protect your net use.

*Good Security is NOT a choice*

Let’s take another look at all those empty advertising pages you are
eeing while surfing and clicking mailers for credits.

Could one of them be yours? Have you set up team surfing so you
can report those bad pages to one another?

What choices could some of these owners force on you? If you choose
keep supporting them when you now know they are not secure – and
ake your chances, or what if you encourage them by your actions of
your computer and data, to follow your lead?

Your life on the Net might just be determined by your willingness to
speak up and warn these insecure users to update or you will have no
choice but to unsubscribe.

trash Email frns frantic xmas imageRegards

Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
Mentoring you with common sense
Marketing with finesse.

P.S. The importance of security was taught to me first-hand when I got my first computer. He wasn’t even polite about it. Get it or stay off!  As a result, what
I prefer promoting is AVAST as premium is unbeatable. Avast now owns AVG and still
offers a free version to help you get started.

© 2019 – 2020, Fran Klasinski. All rights reserved. on republishing any parts of this post, you must supply a link to the original post


    1. That appears to be a lesson too easily overlooked. If we do not
      assess the past year’s campaigns then how will we improve our future?
      It never hurts to shake the cobwebs.

  1. You are correct about security. Too many people lose their computers due to viruses and trojans.
    Security in all aspects of internet use is a must for everyone. This was a great and informative article.

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