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Is that the missing piece for PayPal, where is the Traffic Industry Code
of Ethics and where is it posted? (Is that the missing piece with other
payment processors as well?)

The TRUST a Traffic Exchange owners shows up in the chat rooms
when there is postings about issues. “Send it to support. It is not a
topic for discussion in the chat rooms.”


PayPal Code of Ethics Quote

“This is the guiding light for how we operate and the foundation for our
Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Think of our Code as a roadmap for
navigating the decisions we face every day – to make the right choices
for our customers, our employees, and the public we serve.

It’s critical we shape our business and develop our reputation as
a company that operates with the highest level of integrity. Not
just because the Code says we should, but because that’s just how
we do things at PayPal.’

The question remains, how do Traffic Exchange owners conduct their
business and where is there a written code of ethics to help the
dreamers wanting to own their own traffic business to follow?

Code of ethics or just another fight arena

There appears to be a *high risk* attachment to anyone in the Traffic
Industry. That suggests there is a need to clean house on a lot of owner
activities that might just be in question?

Chat rooms that should provide a place for discussion become almost a
fight arena of who makes the best argument for the issue of the day.

The argument for the Traffic Exchange Industry becomes apparent
when you see accountability become some one else’s problem because
of a lack of operating funds.

Would a Code of Ethics make a difference? Would new owners and
existing owners have to take the shades off? A dream is a dream until
you make it a reality. And that reality costs big bucks. If you don’t have
them then you cannot afford to enter the Traffic arena.

Does struggling to build and make ends meet create a false sense of
security if an owner takes up questionable actions in order to survive?

Code of Ethics MIA

Without an operating code of ethics, it is virtually impossible for
owners to stop the questionable actions of any owner who could be
hurting the Traffic Industry.

Every step becomes opinion. Every objection becomes a complaint. No
one is able to discern the right course of action because there are way
too many CEOs and not so much as one set of core actions agreed upon
and followed.

No Code of Ethics, no Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Just one
miserable big black pot of witches brew called the Traffic Exchange

Till next time …

your Editor …

Fran Klasinski, editor of Frans Frantic Marketing  Fran Klasinski-warriorlady



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  1. My thoughts are:
    As we grew from our beginnings without realizing it we were taught a “Code of Ethics” to shape our
    lives but for some reason as we grow older we forget the use of those same Code of Ethics for our

    1. The code of ethics we learned in our homes is very important to the character we have developed in ourselves
      over the years. It is sad there is no code of ethics standard expected of the Traffic Industry as a whole.

  2. There is a lot of food for thought in this particular post. I agree with Fran. There needs to be
    a uniform code of ethics across the online marketing board. It won’t take out all dubious marketers, but it will weed out the majority and establish a level playing field built on trust for all aspects of online marketing.

    Have a fabulous day People!

    1. Thanks for the comment Beth. I agree there has to be a start somewhere by someone before the whole
      issue is taken from the hands of the very people who could create it.

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