Useless New Years Resolutions

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All my life I made New Years resolutions. It was the thing to do. Most of those ended up totally useless New Years resolutions because I had no intention of carrying them out.

Obviously, the intention was good. It was there or I would not have made them regardless of the idea it was the thing to do. We all feel a tad guilty when we read the New Years resolutions of associates and friends. Family never make them. They spend their time rubbing it it that we never start ours.

If getting in better shape was the thing to do then why didn’t I do it 50 yrs ago when I first made that darned resolution? How come I have love handles and a secretary’s spread from sitting for such long periods of time at the computer?

My brain is in top shape, does that count for getting in shape? That piece of grey matter does exactly what I tell it to do then spends my time teaching me procrastination habits. I’ll start it tomorrow becomes my mantra for another useless New Years resolution.

The new me and New Years Resolutions

Somewhere along the line, I made a New Years resolution that got lost . It really was a great idea that I would focus on building a super great business.

I’m tired! Fed up to the gills of making plans for me that someone else changes just when I think I have a handle on what I need to do! You been there? Have you done that? Stood firm and made that decision that turned to mush the first time someone had a problem?

It wasn’t my market that spoiled the game, it was the people I chose to work with me. Most of them felt as I did, but none of them had the motivation, the drive that I had to succeed no matter what. It was their inability to stay the course that turned my best resolution into year-after-year useless New Years resolutions.

Welcome 2019! The Year of ME!

First I need to change my thought direction that should in turn help me change my habits of setting goals with outcomes impossible to reach. For instance, place the outcome on an updated strategy
that places the win for both sides. I can teach, preach or show or instruct until hell freezes over as long as the results are I win/you win. We both get desired results.

Useless New Years Resolutions – Not me!

In order to build my business where I believe it needs to be, I need to set a goal of $10,000 whether it be by the year or the month. The thing is, you can follow my lead and make that same $10k that suits your needs. Can you build your retirement funds with that amount per year? Will it allow you to take a super good holiday every year? Pay a chunk of a pending mortgage yearly or when it comes up for renewal? Would it put a good down payment on a new car and allow you to pay off the balance without concern?

The big problem for most people is they set to high a goal. Doing so means reaching for the stars stops you dead before you get off the ground A realistic goal is not only easier to attain it is easier to find the motivation to keep on striving to reach your goal.

What if it also stops those greedy types who promise you big returns for doing nothing? They know the secret. All it will cost you is your self respect when you fail. And your life savings if you really get sucked in.

Let’s be honest here. A measly $10k won’t buy much or take you far by today’s prices. However, unless you have a working strategy that will help you make that first $10k then you will never up the ante to a higher yearly income.

Best New Years Resolution I Ever Heard

Forget setting New Years resolution. Will those New Years Resolutions be forever useless? Of course not! Not once you understand and begin to experience working systems that do work!

Make 2019 your year to stop making useless New Years Resolutions!

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  1. Hi Fran Another great post. I stopped making useless new year’s resolutions. They are pie crust promises. Easily made and easily broken. Just better to achieve short term goals.

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