Why Hours to Greatness Matter

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the image offsets the balance of hours to greatness - what affects it.Over my many years working online, I have never felt I have hit my greatness level.

I have learned many active strategies for earning income. Most have been by applying a thorough understanding  of the programs I am joining.  My hours to greatness have been severely hampered by listening to others rather than  following my own dreams.

The learning was tough and time consuming at best.  While I struggled to learn the ropes,  I witnessed many a dream go up in flames – their hours to greatness ending in ashes.

When someone complains they are paying for a dead horse, they are usually complaining their human performance work ethic sucks.  Common sense can be the enemy of logical thinking.

They need to improve their marketing skills so they understand what a potential program is really offering.  Learn to ask hard questions and not accept hype responses.  How to  use the programs and how not to get sucked into paying for what they do not need or want.

Human Performance vs. Work Ethic

the need for greatness in skills vs hopes of successWhat do you want to learn about? Remember in high school, you learned to go with the flow of how many subjects you could choose vs. what the system says you must study.  If you think that was a frustrating time, then consider the depth of despair many encounter when they hop onto net programs based on some one else’s recommendation.

You gotta learn to ask the hard questions. It is your dream but it is their program. They made all this exciting income. You are not them.

If there is no plan, four or five years can be the direction you end up signing up for costing you valuable time because you wasted it on someone else’s idea of talent development vs. human performance- yours. No plan leads to program hopping. Always looking for the brass ring of instant income.

 Successful Marketing is one of those long-time learning directions which is why you are implored to focus in on what is really important to you.  Actively testing  determines your interests. making it easier to determine skills levels necessary for success. It helps to know just how serious you are about an online business venture.

Greatness Means Mastery

original img by John Hain - a look at how intelligence plays a roll in greatnessHow dedicated are you to building your own future?

How hard are you willing to work to make it all happen?

How easily are you distracted by false promises that take you from your work causing you to fall off track?

Learning to play chess, golf or the piano, as example, demand hours of practice in order to master the expert level. Very few ever accomplish it.  The idea that working online means no more boss, no more commuting, no more long hours and poor pay, attracts huge audiences of soon-to-be frustrated wannabes.

Once you have chosen a suitable direction,  marketing becomes stronger with less distractions. And you will find you will eventually understand risk and when to take the leap to your future.

Meantime, plan to join and leave many a lost cause that does not fit who you are. The  losses have their place as well. They teach you more about you than any offline J.O.B. ever could.

Time is yours to determine your use of. The more you investigate, test and practice something new, the faster that skill will take you onto the end results of matching your performance with that of practice vs. your existing talent, ability and intelligence.


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  1. Great Article Fran

    Ever so many times we forget our dreams of what we expect it has taken way to many years to realize that.

  2. This a great post. There is a lot of truth here. I have gone through the same journey. Still learning

    1. Thank you Beth. I think we all have suffered similar fates in our journey. Good luck with your continued success.

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