How Organized Advertising Works

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How Organized Advertising Works today

I never fully understood how much advertising I was doing until I joined EBB and learned how organized advertising works.  Accordingly, I worked with the people I met and built a trust relationship with in short order.

Traffic Exchanges unorganized advertising

From the first day I came on line and was introduced to Traffic Exchanges, I knew I was in for one heck of a ride.

As a result, being so green, whatever I was told, must be a truth I needed to enact.  Consequently, it didn’t take long – 120 traffic exchanges and growing …! I was in a mess!

Thus, there was no way getting by it! How in the name of all that is holy, do you manage to keep up to date with all those Traffic Exchanges?

Nineteen years ago, Traffic Exchanges were all about  advertising.  In contrast to today, that is what they were designed for. I see your page, you see mine. If the advertising was done right then we picked up subscribers.

Conversely, there is more on that history for another post. Meantime, if there was to be any organized advertising that worked, you found it, designed it and hoped for the best.

As the Traffic Exchange industry continues to change, how are you managing to keep your
advertising organized?  There is no need to stay confused and frustrated thus settle for
anything less than organized advertising  that will work for you.

Strategic Organized Advertising Works Best

By exposing your self to the different forms of Advertising, the more apt you are to stretch yourself way too thin testing them all. In contrast, failure to test different methods of advertising, can leave you desperate for leads and traffic.

Safelist and Credit mailers meant more unorganized advertising

Keeping up to them is a horror as well. If you belong to something like ReferralFrenzy then the long list of mailers will soon teach you how many there are. They are just the beginning.

History again begins to repeat itself and there is more to this story that will have to wait for another post.

A little over two years ago, when I was about ready to toss in the towel, call it quits, came an invite to beta test a new program. Excited, I turned in the idea of quitting the industry and taking a good long
look at this new project.

It wasn’t a Traffic Exchange or a mailer but if all went well, frustrated users would have a place for organized advertising.

Unique Tools Platform

Why is their seldom anything unique about platforms in general?  By its very nature, a platform is a group of technologies used as a base, upon which other applications, processors or technologies are developed.

For Example: To illustrate, in personal computing, a platform is the basic hardware (computer) and software (operating system) on which software applications can be run.

That pretty much covers 95% of all advertising claims using platforms in its advertising, to sell you on their value.

None of them advertise the benefits you will get by using them.  Easy Business Builder is run by two platform managers who work for and fully understand the needs of their potential customers. They declare it an ongoing job as they continue constructing Easy Business Builder architecture.

No other so-called platform can hope to offer one stop complete work and advertising  that even comes close to EBB  Indeed, you simply log in go to work doing YOUR business with EBB

Strategic Organized Advertising

      • Complete series Autoresponders and emails
      • Incomparable Public Profile
      • Banner and URL libraries
      • Template and Image libraries
      • Personalize snippets library
      • Categories to keep all finger-tip organized
      • Mailing campaigns – all in-house
      • Set up your mailers
      • There is the marketplace, videos and more

      The price for all of this should be ceiling high but its not! Three opportunities exist for the professional Marketer who wants the very best chock full of benefits that make your job easier. It starts at Advanced and goes up to Professional and Elite.

      Be sure to read the fine print. This is one opportunity where nothing is hidden, where no shocks await! Honesty and Integrity – up front total transparency and fully legal in their security and yours. Oh and daily live support!

      Excited? Wondering if this is for you? This is just the organized advertising article. What other goodies await you?

      Find out! Join me NOW! Get ready for the success ride of your life!

      Editor Frans signature image

      Fran Klasinski-warriorlady
      Mentoring you with common sense
      Marketing with finesse.

      P.S. Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions.
      Meanwhile,  may
      I make this empowering suggestion JOIN EBB
      today! Get started on
      pulling all your online work into one place
      where you control your
      business interests.

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  1. Reading your article I remembered the times when I also got into many of those mailers – and never gotten anything out of it, no leads, no subscribers, no sales. But used up a lot of time reading all those emails or waiting for the timer to hit zero so I could click on.

    That new tool you have sounds really interesting. I am about to start a Kindle business and I wonder if something like EBB would help me sell my ebooks. What do you think?

    1. I think you would find EBB a huge help in selling your ebooks.
      There is a marketplace where you can post them or trailers or
      info about each one
      Take one of the lower upgrades to get used to it then both
      organization and layouts are all your choice. It even has a
      page maker that can make you beautiful covers for your books;

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