The Billion Coin Scam

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I have two posts for you where the TBC – The Billion Coin supposedly to end world poverty and a second one called Kringle Cash appear to be scams,

Why repeat what is best said in the articles? All I ask is be aware. If you don’t like what is said then check it out some more.

TBC –  

“The name of the person behind The Billion Coin (TBC) is not provided. You are not able to do your due diligence on their past activities. The owner of the official blog for this coin does know who the owner is and chooses not to share this information with investors.’

NB** If the links break, it may be because the article has been archived.  Go to main domain and see if can see it listed there.

I am posting the links on the Billion coin scams in full as I know some links break and some authors do
not have the respect of all readers.  Please do not allow that to make you a victim.  You are an adult,
you can make choices for yourself that are safe without jumping to conclusions thus blocking good information.

And this one that set me off on this research Kringle Cash.
The site page used is a phone call from Santa – it is engaging – it is dangerous. Best not answer. 

Regardless of how the vulnerable are informed, the naive will leap into the fray. I like what one poster had to say about those who will argue for the scams: “They participate in them and they are extremely popular and they defend them aggressively because… they think they can get in, profit … then out … leaving someone later to take the loss. ‘

Just don’t let it be you

The Bit Coin Persuasion

Bit Coin and the term crypto-currency  seem to be intertwined by many authors and sellers hoping I
gather, to persuade you and I that what they offer is secure,  profitable if we just join in the party.

The sad part is the people who will turn a blind eye to common sense will take the plunge. Everything
they do believe, however,  comes from the words of someone else. No checking it out, no making
sure., It is free so they think Bit coin is okay, that is all they need to know.

Why not check it out? Would anyone in their right mind ignore the warnings?  Why would they
want to victimize themselves when there are safe forms of Bitcoin to be investigated and join?
Ponzi schemes using virtual currencies are not new. The SEC has been warning about them since

Till next round – due diligence is the only safe way,..

Fran Klasinski Editor/Author - bit coin crypto-currenxcy issues  Your editor,
Fran Klasinski – warriorlady


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  1. Good morning Fran, thanks for sharing this info with us. Also, wanted to make you aware that you have a date wrong you said the SEC has been warning us since 2105 I think you meant 2015. Have a great day…

    1. He James and many thanks for the comments and date issue.
      Sooo right lol 2015 it is and will be corrected.

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